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רב השכונה הרב אדרי עם רב בית הכנסת הרב גולדרייך. every stone in the building of jerusalem builds the eternal link between the jewish people and its land. in the same way that the heart sustains the body, so are jerusalem and the building of torah in its midst, the life source of the people of israel and the land of israel.
אנשי הקהילה the community of netivot israel in the neighborhood of homat shmuel (har homa) has the privilege of being an integral part of the physical and spiritual building of the holy city. the community was founded 6 years ago, the youngest neighborhood of jerusalem, in the memory of harav zvi yehuda hakohen kook, of blessed memory, and follows his path, the path of the torah of the land of israel.
רב בית הכנסת הספרדי הרב ניר
the community is composed of two synagogues: a sephardi and an ashkenazi, that work together side by side in cooperation. the community includes over 200 families thank g-d, we finally received a piece of land to build a permanent synagogue.